Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vinylmation Park Series 3

Hey kids, Lets talk plastic.
Here's my countdown, ugly to least ugly, VM Park 3 style.
I kid, I kid. This series actually isnt so ugly. It isnt insanely adorable, but its aight.

12. WDW Castle. BLAH. Same Blah Castle Turret on both sides? Why? Spruce it up, im bored.
11. Artist Palette. Has some nice details on the stomach and ears. Cool little sketches. But I'm not a Disney artist, What am I going to do with this? If it had the sketches bigger, and less of the Holiday Turkey brown all over it, this coulda been a lot more successful.

10. America Sings. LOVE the attraction. BUT this Eagle looks WONKY. He just looks weird. Plus, we dont need 3 random Randy Noble designed characters in this set. Yes, I love the character figures, but 3 characters that are not highly popular diminishes the coolness. I mean that, this figure would have been more exciting in a later series.
9. Pirate Auctioneer. You know, I'm gonna actually have to group this with America Sings. Another Randy Noble designed character that would have made more of an impact without the others around. Design issues with this one, his legs feel like they are one 'mermaid' style leg, or like hes wearing a dress. Kind of weird. I swear I'm not nit picking, Its weird.
8. Carousel. Not a favorite for me, because the horse is too small to appreciate from far away, and there is not enough detail in the Carousel parts themselves for me to appreciate. When I see this, I feel like someone was lazy. Purple figure with a Horse sticker on it. Color is nice. Don't love it, but I don't hate it.
7. Jungle Cruise. I understand this is a fan favorite, BUT, I didn't love it from the first look. I flipped it over, and I liked it A LOT more. My problem, I flipped it back over and there were problems with the elephants shape warping on the curves of the Mickey face and a paint defect. So for me this fell back to me not loving it but not hating it.
6. Mission Spaceman. Ok so I actually REALLY like this figure. Here is why it isn't higher. The same problem as the 3 Randy Noble character designs, it's that there are 2 Maria Clapsis window characters. This figure which is white with a window on the front, and Herbie which is white with a window on the front. This is just the least cute of the 2, but I love it, the back is cute, it represents the theme parks. Win.
5. Big Al. My favorite of the 3 characters, really captures the look of Big Al. Represents the theme parks, is cute, interesting. I think the other 2 would sit at positions like this if they had been broken up and were in different series.
4. It's A Small World. Cutest Chaser since Ballon and Gold. Hopefully this means they are getting on track with the styling of these chasers. I like it, its simple. Its nice. Not cuter than the 2 I mentioned, but good start.

3. Monorail Blue. This design is awesome. It may even have been higher if I hadnt seen it before with Monorail Red. But the design is so good, it can be successful over and over again. Next I wanna see the color schemes that are on the new Monorails. But until then this is GREAT.
2. Herbie. LOVE Herbie. Perfect example of how a good simple design can stand the test of time. Also that it was translated so simply and successfully. WIN.
1. Toon Town Trolley. An awesome depiction of the Toon Town Trolley on a figure. When you see it, you know instantly what it is. The only figure in this collection that didn't shy away from vibrant color. Loved it, its my favorite. SUCCESS.

All in all, Nice series. Far superior to Park 2. But still not as epic as Park 1.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel

Here's another trailer for the new A&tC sequel. The first movie was SOOO cute, and this one has A) my friend Marco in it, B) The FREAKING Chippettes!!!
It'll be out this christmas :)


Here's the first promo photo for the upcoming film version of the CLASSIC 1983 show The A-Team. The film will star Bradley Cooper as Face, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson as B.A. Baracus, Sharlto Copely as Murdock and Liam Neeson as Hannibal.

The Expendables Trailer

SHIT I can not wait for this movie, I don't care what it's about at all. All I need to know is that it is an action movie that stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Mickey Rourke, Steve Austin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture, David Zayas, Giselle Itié, and Brittany Murphy. I want to seeeeee.

LOST: The Final Season

Poster for LOST: The Final Season just showed up online, and I totally love it. It rings back to the poster for Season 1, and really gets people excited to see how the show will close out. Check it out!

Here's past season posters just to show off how they've told a story along with the show each season.

Toy Story 3 Trailer and Posters

Here's a look at the full length trailer for the upcoming Toy Story 3! The sequel to the 2 greatest animated movies ever made (ok, at least top 5, right?). I was very lucky to see this last month at the D23 expo, along with a full length scene from the film. I KNOW this movie is gonna be phenomenal and absolutely can not wait. There are also character posters out to promote the June 18th release featuring the gang, and Everyone's back! Woody, Buzz, Rex, Ham, Potato Head, and Slinky Dog! Yes!!
And if you haven't done so yet, you MUST go see the Toy Story 1 & 2 3D double feature playing NOW in theaters for a very limited engagement. Take your friends, your kids, your loved ones; who knows when you'll have the opportunity again!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Percy Jackson Teaser

I seriously can NOT wait for this movie, I'm not digging the editing on this teaser, but I still can't wait.
Here's the brand new teaser for Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vinylmation Holiday Series 1

Dear Vinylmation, when I first saw you, I knew it was LOVE at first sight. But lately you've been different. You've kind of been... how should I put this?... sucking.
Now with this "Holiday" set, I can see the appeal. But me personally, I don't need a full box of festive Mickeys out all year.
Oh well, the fact that I am not PUMPED whatsoever about this series is not gonna stop me from doing my countdown. Come on....

Alright, this series is already one short. Including the chaser there are only 11 pieces this time around.
11. Valentine's Day - Chaser
I think this is the worst I've ever given a chaser. I would never CHASE this. Its Uglyasuarus Rex. GROSS. Its like chalk and crappy candy. Who is doing this to me!!!??

10. Leprachaun
I can taste the Ugly in my MOUTH! This is not a Leprachaun! This is a drunk Irishman with a glue on beard!
9. New Year's Baby
Oh come on, I can't even blog seriously. Why would you put this out in your house??? Please someone justify these to me!! If you currently have this on display in your home, and you are a full grown adult, I am coming over for an intervention!
8. Ghost
See this is what I am talking about. This is pleasant to my eye balls. I'm actually putting him down at 8 cause he is kinda plain. It's a little obvious to me, oh Halloween, ghost. Get creative with it!7. American Flag
I saw a lot of people trading these today and they adored them. I think its a taste thing. They are nice but I am not crazy about them. They do however fit the criteria of a fun collectible holiday figure, without being too far out there. B+ for effort.

6. Glow Bat
I admire that you are simple, yet interesting. Plain, yet glow in the dark. But that seems like all you can offer me, glow bat. It's just not enough...

5. Melty the Snowman
I like you Melty. You get what we are doing here. You're holiday oriented, you're Disney-fied with those cute little mouse ears, and yet you've got something interesting going on. You got that fresh looking scarf on and you're so quirky because you are melting. You, my friend, are a WINNER.

4. Jack O' Lantern
I'm not going to lie. Jack O' Lantern is not my style. In fact, he's a little scary. But when it comes to straight up CREATIVITY, I'll give it to ole Jack. The pinstripe suit with the striped pumpkin head and the cobweb in one eye... I like that. It gives the figure character. Nice.

3. Easter Egg Bunny
Everything I like about Melty, is what I like about the Bunny. It qualifies to be in this box of toys, but is still interesting to the eye. Good work Bunny!

2. Cooked Turkey
This is MY personal favorite. It is a very smart abstract way of going "Here is a Thanksgiving Figure".

1. Christmas Tree Mickey
I think this is by far the most succesful figure. Why? A) Holiday B) Disney C) Interesting to my brain. It is a fun way to look at a Mickey and think Christmas. Pretty simple.

Comments: I just want to know WHY, if this is a set scheduled for release in the Fall are there figures that are Spring Holidays. Wouldnt it be smarter to take out Bunny and Leprachaun, and put in ANYTHING for Hannukah and Kwanzaa??? Then release series 2 in the Spring...
Just a thought...

This weekend we also got 2 special releases....
D23 Convention exclusive and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Candy Corn
The D23 exclusive, I love. It's glossy black with gold trim, and all it says on the back is D23 2009. It is commemorative, but also something that can be displayed without being dated by an actual year on the front. I like :)
Candy corn... oh dear. Why is the BOX cuter than the toy??? Explain this! The figure is boring. Just a candy corn slapped across poor Mickey's body. You, my friend, are banished to the inside... cuz I will still buy you for your fancy tin. Curse you tin!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Next Iron Chef Season 2

Oh Man, I lovvvvve 'Iron Chef'. Truly, I can't get enough of it. And I adored the first 'Next Iron Chef' competition, so of course I am SERIOUSLY pumped for Season 2 to premiere on October 4th.
So what can we expect for this season?
Well, Season 1 was comprised of 8 challenges;
1. Speed, 2. Artistry, 3. Simplicity, 4. Innovation, 5. Resourcefulness, 6. Creativity Under Pressure, 7. Lead & Inspire, and finally 8. Attain Greatness. I expect the format will remain the same; several elimination challenges and 1 final challenge at Kitchen Stadium to determine the NEXT IRON CHEF.

When Season 1 aired back in 2007, contestants included Traci Des Jardin, Jill Davie, Marou Ouattara, Gavin Kaysen, Aarón Sanchez, Chris Consentino, John Besh, and the winner Michael Symon. With the exceptions of Chef Davie and Chef Kaysen, all contestants had at one time competed on "Iron Chef America". Chefs Aarón Sanchez & Chris Consentino went on to get their own show on Food Network; "Chefs vs City". John Besh recently appeared on "Top Chef Masters". And Since winning, Iron Chef Symon has competed 11 times and also temporarily hosted "Dinner: Impossible".
Besh definitely was my choice for winner, of the 8 contestants, he was the only one to previously win in Kitchen Stadium during battle Andouille in Season 3 against Iron Chef Mario Batali. Symon, although he is a great chef and has character, is a little uninteresting for me to watch.

ANYHOW, this season will feature 10 NEW contestants...

Roberto Trevino, Executive Chef and Owner of 'Budatai'. From San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Lost to Iron Chef Batali in Season 1 Battle Catfish.
This episode re-aired 3 weeks ago, expect to see it again closer to the premiere of the show.

Jose Garces, Executive Chef and Owner of 'Amada', 'Tinto', 'Distrito', and 'Chifa. From Philadelphia, PA.
Defeated Iron Chef Flay in Season 6 Battle Melon/ Brain Freeze.
This episode re-aired last night and will be shown again Sept 10th at 8pm, 11th at 3am, and 12th at 5pm.

Amanda Freitag, Exective Chef of 'The Harrison'. From New York, NY.
Lost to Iron Chef Flay in Season 7 Battle King Crab.
This episode re-aired last week, you can probably still catch it playing at odd hours.

Nate Appleman, Chef and Butcher. From New York, NY.
Lost to Iron Chef Symon in Season 7 Battle Suckling Pig.
This episode is scheduled to re-air Sept. 10 and 11.

Brad Farmerie, Executive Chef at 'Double Crown', 'Madam Geneva', 'PUBLIC', and 'The Monday Room'. From New York, NY.
Defeated Iron Chef Cora in Season 7 Battle Maple Syrup.
This episode re-aired 3 weeks ago, expect to see it again closer to the show's premiere.

Jehangir Mehta, Executive Chef and Owner of 'Graffiti'. From New York, NY.
Lost to Iron Chef Morimoto in Season 7 Battle Coconut.
This episode aired 2 weeks ago and has been on repeatedly, you can probably catch it randomly this week.

Dominique Crenn, Chef De Cuisine of 'Luce' at 'InterContinental San Francisco'. From San Francisco, CA.

Eric Greenspan, Executive Chef and Owner of 'The Foundry on Melrose'. From Los Angeles, CA.

Holly Smith, Chef and Owner of 'Cafe Juanita' and 'Poco Carreto Gelato'. From Kirkland, WA.

Seamus Mullen, Executive Chef and Partner of 'Boqueria Flatiron' and 'Boqueria Soho'. From New York, NY.

Season 1 was hosted by Food Network's Alton Brown and the Iron Chef Chairman Mark Dacascos, who will return as hosts this season. Of the 3 judges from last season, only one will return; Donatella Arpaia. Replacing Michael Ruhlman and Andrew Knowlton will be Anya Fernald and the Iron Chef judge everyone loves to hate; Jeffrey Steingarten.

So there is your intro to "The Next Iron Chef". I absolutely can't wait. Catch the Premiere OCTOBER 4TH on Food Network, and if you need your fix now... catch "Iron Chef America" on Food Network and "Iron Chef Japan" on Fine Living Network :)